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November 27, 2021

20211126 - VISAbilities - ACB Media Network Auction with Leslie Spoone.

I am thrilled to welcome Leslie Spoone, ACB 10th Holiday Media Auction Chair, to VISAbilities with some fabulous Appetizer Delights presented in this year’s major fundraiser for ACB Media.

If you enjoy all ACB Media offers, then please register and join us for this special opportunity to Bid! Bid! Bid! If you have not yet registered, just follow these simple steps.  It’s very easy, especially if you registered for the convention last summer. 1.    On the LOGIN screen click CREATE AN ACCOUNT (if you haven’t already created one) 2.    Complete the registration form 3.     When finished entering your information click CREATE AN ACCOUNT 4.    At the top of the next screen, will be the Holiday Auction Registration link. Click on the link and then click on the Holiday Auction sign up 5.    After signing up, you will receive an email with detailed Holiday Auction information. If you do not receive this email check your junk/spam folder. If you still did not receive the email call 612-332-3242.

So whether you are listening in or zooming in, grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy these special appetizers.  Everyone is welcome!

November 19, 2021

20211119 - VISAbilities - AD Gala Awards After After Party 1900.

The After After Party – The Celebration Continues!

VISAbilities is thrilled to welcome Kim Charlson and Tony Stephens tonight for an “after after party” of the ACB Audio Description Awards Gala.  Let’s all celebrate this successful event and hear any back-stage stories.  They will have all the details from the awardees, numbers of attendees, and maybe even preliminary plans for future galas.  I’m sure they will want to hear your comments and experiences as well. So, join us.  

November 18, 2021

20211118 - Vispero Training Series - The Only JAWS Command You'll ever Need - 150008.

Jeff Bazer will show you the only JAWS command you will ever need to know.

Sponsored by Vispero

November 16, 2021

20211116 - ACB History Book Group - The Unseen Minority- Week 3 - 1300.

# We are continuing reading the book, The Unseen Minority: A Social History of Blindness In the United States, by Frances A. Koestler, copyright 1976 and 2004 by the American Foundation for the Blind. This week, chapters 8 through 11 will be covered. We will have time during the first part of the discussion to address chapters 1 through 7. Everyone is welcome
November 13, 2021

20211112 -VISAbilities - The Holidays - 190001.

The holiday season is in full swing. It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. Holidays and celebrations change as we all change throughout the years. For example, do we look at New Year’s Eve the same way now as we did as children, or as young adults, or as we grow older? I think we do. Change does not mean they are more or less meaningful, just different. There is cheer in every holiday. Sometimes we just need to look for where it may be hiding. We will find and share it for ourselves and others.

Sponsored by VISAbilities

November 12, 2021

20211102 Lively Latin Session 11

Episode Notes

Notes go here Class notes can be found at:

0am HT

A lively introduction to Latin and its effect on everyday English. Lessons in mythology will be included.

November 11, 2021

201211111 - Vispero Training Series - JAWS and the December update - 1500.

Eric Damery from Vispero tells us all about the new features which will accompany JAWS in the December update.

Sponsored by Vispero

November 10, 2021

20211109 - ACB History Book Group - TheUnseen Minority - Week 2 - 1300.

We will continue reading and discussing chapters 1-7 in Frances A. Koestler's The Unseen Minority: A Social History of Blindness in the United States, copyright 1976 and 2004 by the American Foundation for the Blind. Come and share your thoughts and feelings as we talk about insights we glean from this important piece of literature.

November 5, 2021

20211105 - VISAbilities - Wine and Festive Tables - 185958.

The Autumn aromas and holiday cheers are times to celebrate with family and friends virtually or in person. Our resident wine expert, Gabriel Lopez Kafati, will be here to suggest some great options to brighten up these gray November days and holiday gift giving ideas. Sit back, relax, and tell us about your favorites. Join the fun! All are welcome.

Sponsored by VISAbilities

November 4, 2021

20211104 - Vispero Training Series What is New in Fusion 2022 - 1500.

Interact live with Eric Damery and learn what is new in Fusion 2022.

Sponsored by Vispero